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Oculus Rift not for Apple?

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oculus rift on apple

So far it looks like Oculus Rift is not very satisfied about Apple’s hardware used in their computers so far. Even the Mac Pro is a very powerful computer it seems that the graphics card used on Windows systems are 

These are the best Virtual Reality headsets out there

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If you haven’t been filled in yet, Virtual Reality it’s now a reality. With the upcoming wave of software solely invested and created for this new platform, VR has gained an overwhelming popularity among gamer communities and non-gamers alike, some 

Playstation VR on PS4 with a “magic box”

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The Sony Playstation  4 is probably the most sold console at the moment. As Sony already has announced, it is planning to give their players the opportunity to join virtual reality with a headset and some hardware tool (a magic 

Google is looking through VR glasses

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Google logo

It’s no surprise at all that Google is currently working on a project that deals with virtual reality glasses – just this time not out of paper. So it looks like Android users soon might have an easy access to 


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It’s already been a couple of years since the former lead programmer of id-software John Carmack has left his company. He actually planned still to be available for future projects as a mentor for id-software but his current project Oculus